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TAHITIAN NONI ® Juice is a powerful, singular product patterned after the ancient recipes of the people of Tahiti.

People around the world are finding that noni is changing their lives, just like it has the Pacific Islanders for generations.

The gift of noni from French Polynesia holds great value both today and in the future.

If you want to improve your health. If you want more out of life - more energy, more fun - TAHITIAN NONI ® Juice is for you.

TAHITIAN NONI® Juice in 2007 PDR
Discovery Channel, takes an exciting look at TAHITIAN NONI ® Juice
Fox 5 News on Terrell Owens injury recovery and Tahitian Noni Juice
How to buy TAHITIAN NONI® juice at the wholesale price? Tahitian Noni International has a unique program that allows you to purchase at wholesale prices.


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  3. TAHITIAN NONI® Juice is 100% Money back guarantee for 30 days; if not satisfied.
  4. Aging population demanding products that protect against the declining environment.
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  6. TAHITIAN NONI® Juice has compelling scientific verification
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  8. As of May 2002, $38.8 Million US per month, never seen in the industry!
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    1) TAHITIAN NONI® Juice
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    4) President: Kerry Assay
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    6) Testimonials.

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Tahitian Noni International, the company which brought the amazing TAHITIAN NONI ® Juice to the market place and which arguably has the best systems and compensation plan in the network marketing industry, has recently been rated by Inc. Magazine as the No.1 Company in the natural health as well as the network marketing industry.


With sales of over 1 billion dollars and paid out commissions of well over 530 million dollars in its first five years, the company has grown faster than Microsoft, Coca Cola and IBM.

"Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results". If you are looking for the leading home-based business opportunity in the natural health and wellness industry, the next trillion dollar industry, and a team that will energise and support you to achieve your wildest dreams, you need look no further!